Angie Hawkins - Customer Service

Margaritas anyone? While Angie might get teased for her extensive knowledge of mixed drinks and spirits, it’s her knowledge of marketing and the printing industry that is most valuable to Dynagraphics. Angie is a Jane of all trades, having started in the printing business as a stripper (no not that kind, one that involves nasty chemicals, and printing plates) Angie is well versed at the various steps it takes to get the job done. After spending several years as a production manager at a local marketing firm, Angie brings her experience understanding clients’ needs to Dynagraphics. Angie excels at helping the customer understand the various steps and products needed to effectively communicate their message. When Angie is not busy entering new orders into the system, you’ll find her chillin’ and relaxin pool side with friends and family. Angie lives in Decatur with her Husband Brad and 2 children Jordan and Jacob and pet squirrels named Captain and Morgan.