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Why Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct mail is becoming an increasingly popular, effective, and personalized marketing tool. With direct mail, it is important to have:

A Defined Mailing List
Creation and Printing of Mail Piece. Some examples include: a self-mailer, postcard, envelope with letter and reply card, or a custom piece.
A number/code is recommended to put on each mailing piece to help track results.
A strong offer or incentive

Today, more than ever, many options exist within mailing lists. With direct mail, one is able to target a specific group of recipients. For example, a list can be purchased based on parameters, such as household income, marital status, length of residence, zip code, or city.

When you are ready to mail we recommend sending a test campaign to a small portion of list to gauge results. Then, mail campaign to full list of recipients. Be sure to manage and track responses. It is okay to mail more than one time to the same list of people. Multiple mailings can still garner results and build name and brand recognition.

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