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DynaGraphics - Wood Printing – Your Award-Winning Partner

The Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA) has announced that DynaGraphics-Wood Printing of Decatur, IL, is an award winner in the 2016 Graphics Excellence Awards competition.

DynaGraphics-Wood Printing won one Award of Excellence for their Self-Promotion campaign which included various elements: company brochure, planner, statement stuffers and business cards.

A Certificate of Merit for Service Catalogue 4-colors or more for Patrick Henry College. This square piece has a soft-touch coating on it that makes it unique.

An Award of Excellence is a Finalist for Best of Category and Certificate of Merit is awarded to pieces achieving high quality in printing.

For more information about us and our work, contact Scott Bowers, Vice President at 217.876.9950 or scott@dynagraphics.com.

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